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Meet Natalie Wilson, creator of High Heal Diaries. Mother of three, wife, entrepreneur, and a three-time breast cancer survivor. When Natalie’s husband retired from a 17-year career in professional baseball, she decided that she needed to add more to her life in addition to her important role as mother and wife. Instinctively, she knew she had more to give.

In 2003 Natalie studied to become an Interior Decorator and Home Stager, colouring her way into many homes with her creative mind. Natalie kept active in her role as Owner/Operator of NTW Interiors, winning a people’s choice award for “Best Home Stager” in 2012, writing articles on various decorating topics, staging homes for some of Toronto’s best real estate agents, and decorating countless spaces. During this time, Natalie expanded her passion for creativity and colour when she joined the couture world of Dior Cosmetics in 2008, becoming a Beauty Consultant specializing in makeup artistry and skincare. She was one half of a duo who won “Dior Beauty Stylist Team of the Year” for 2009 out of almost a hundred teams. While her current job titles were absolutely fulfilling, as she was able to walk away with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that she made a difference in someone’s life, Natalie was looking to be more challenged and decided to go back to school and study her very first love which was law. In 2013 she enrolled back into school, graduating with honours as a Paralegal Advocate and a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution. After passing the Law Society of Upper Canada exam she joined a team of Paralegals who fight provincial offences in Ontario, more particularly offences under the Highway Traffic Act. Lastly, after Natalie’s extensive life experiences and once again stemming from her desire to always want to give back and help, she has become recently trained under the Certified Coaches Federation as a Certified Coach Practitioner.

Unbelievably, Natalie continues to find time to dabble in all of her trained fields, while being a very doting mom who is active in her children’s lives, and a supportive wife. Added to this, she deals daily with the pain of the unsolved homicide of her younger sister, Aisha, back in 2003. Her sister’s death is a part of her own personal diary that will never be closed.

If you think life wasn’t busy enough, since 2008 Natalie has been struggling with the effects of breast cancer. Her journey began at age 35, just months after her last child was born. She was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ of the right breast. She was diligent and fortunate enough to find her cancer early, but chose to go radical and remove not one, but both breasts and reconstruct. That process deemed to be very difficult and a number of setbacks put her through 13 difficult surgeries to reconstruct. In 2016, just weeks after her 13th and supposed final surgery, she was told she had cancer for the second time, and unbelievably, a third diagnosis just weeks after that. The long, hard process to reconstruct had to be reversed, and her right breast removed altogether. She endured a total of 16 surgeries altogether. Click here to read Natalie’s personal account of her experience with breast cancer (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ, Stage 0, ER+; Paget’s Disease).

Natalie’s roller coaster has taken her through 10 stages of emotional healing as outlined by author Gail Goodwin: shock, denial, pain, bargaining, depression, surrender, recovery, rebirth, moving on, and finally, philanthropy. She has soldiered her way through to this final stage of philanthropy where she’s now on a mission to help others. She has been in that dark place of feeling sad and hopeless, ugly and unworthy, to knowing that she is beautiful and strong, and that she is all woman. Natalie now does motivational speaking for small or large events, personal coaching, event hosting, online video talk shows, and more. Click here to see a menu of services offered by Natalie.

Natalie has created High Heal Diaries where women that are going through or have gone through their own personal struggles, whether it’s emotional or physical, can share their stories (diaries) with other women in a non-judgmental, unbiased forum, where understanding through experience is their main crutch, and their motive is to listen and support others as others have done for them.

Natalie explains, “I am not a doctor or psychologist and I don’t claim to be able to cure anyone. I just have the first hand experience, and the knowledge of experiences of friends and family who have struggled with the healing process as well. What I do know is that speaking about my personal struggles to others, and feeling their positive responses is what has empowered me to find a way to get to the happy place I am in now. I believe in standing tall even when you feel weak, looking your best even while you feel your worst, and always remembering you are only given what your soul can handle. By the grace of God, I have survived and conquered breast cancer three times and I am not bitter.  I honestly have to say that I am grateful for my experiences, as I now know my place in this world, a vessel to guide others. A greater good has come of all the negative.”

Natalie believes we are beautiful and powerful, and can conquer anything when our minds, bodies and souls are ready to do so. Let us put on our high heels and walk our way into others’ lives to help them HEAL as well.

Welcome to High Heal Diaries!

Natalie's motivation to fight breast cancer

“My main motivation to fight cancer was the fact that I have a husband and three children to be here for. I wanted to show my children that you never give up and you fight to the very end. I also wanted to show them that no matter what hurdles you come across in life you have the willpower to get through it.

Also, not that I ever compared my situation to anybody else’s because what I have gone through is relative to me and what I know, however I do see what is going on in the world and that people are dying from this horrible disease and living very difficult lives, so therefore I am fortunate to be healthy and have life.”

Sourced from CancerBro, November 2018

Natalie's biggest hinderance

“My biggest hindrances in my journey were the fact that some people look at reconstructive surgery as a type of vanity and that I’m putting myself through undue stress and pain with all the surgeries. But they are not in my shoes and they have not had any of their female body parts mutilated.

They don’t see what I see when I remove my clothes. I have long since come to terms with my scarred breasts…my half of breast….my one nipple, and having to put on a prosthetic daily. I know people mean well, but sometimes they say things they don’t realize, or even the lack of comment for that matter. If I wasn’t a strong person I would let them get to me, but I have grown past that, as I know my reasons for reconstructing. And that’s all that matters!”

Sourced from CancerBro, November 2018

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"I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say 'because of you I didn’t give up.'” (Unknown)