Natalie Wilson Life Coach

Empowering people overcoming trauma: Natalie Wilson — life coach, motivational speaker and event host.

With a wealth of personal experience and a drive to help others, Natalie is passionate about her role as a life coach, motivational speaker and event host. She focuses on empowering people. Armed with her personal experiences, Natalie supports other people experiencing and overcoming trauma – whether through illness, loss or any other form their grief may take.

After Natalie’s breast cancer returned twice in 2016, she decided to start empowering people facing their own challenges by sharing her own personal struggle. Through High Heal Diaries, her life coach practice, and as a motivational speaker and event host, Natalie helps other people find their voice and their strength while overcoming trauma, like she has.

Contact Natalie Wilson directly at 416-274-1992 or to speak about services for you or your group!

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Natalie Wilson's Services

Life Coach

In addition to being a member of the Certified Coaches Federation, as a Life Coach, Natalie brings a wealth of personal experience to her practice. All of Natalie’s life coach services include developing strategies, goal-setting, and ongoing constructive feedback. Using Cognitive Reflex Conditioning®, Natalie helps her clients identify how to build long term relationships, encourage trust, and create an environment for personal growth. The ultimate goal is empowering people — each client — with the strategies to live their best lives yet.

What is a Life Coach?

“A coach is a trained professional who has the skills that help individuals, executives, and organizations create positive changes, see new possibilities, and help their clients define the steps to be taken to achieve both their short term and long term goals.”
— Certified Coaches Federation

Natalie provides Life Coach services for individuals, couples, groups and large organizations.

$75 Initial Consultation (1 – 1.5 hours)

  • Face-to-face session to discuss client’s past and current issues or concerns,  and their reasons for seeking a life coach. This includes what changes they want to make and how Natalie can support these changes. The initial consultation is also an opportunity to become acquainted and establish a rapport and comfort level between the client and Natalie. And lastly, a discussion about what a life coach program is and how it works.

Life Coach Services for Individuals

Reflection and Recovery Package (5 sessions)

One-hour sessions tailored to individual needs.

Cost: $650

Rebirth and Moving On Package (10 sessions)

One-hour sessions tailored to individual needs.

Cost: $1,150

Life Coach Services for Couples or Small Groups

Let’s Work it Out Sessions

Mediated conversations, ideal for couples and families. These sessions focus on action, accountability and goal setting in situations such as separation, divorce, reunion and difficult family issues.

Cost: $170/hour

Corporate Life Coach Services

Help Me Help You Sessions

These sessions focus on action, accountability and goal setting in employer-employee relationships by optimizing coaching strategies and enhancing problem-solving. They can also support leadership programs and employee motivation through mediated conversations.

Cost: $250/hour

For more information or to book a consultation, contact Natalie at 416-274-1992 or You can also download our brochure. High Heal Diaries Life Coaching Brochure

Motivational Speaker and Event Host

Help Me Help You Sessions

Natalie is available as a motivational speaker and event host, sharing her journey as a three-time cancer survivor to inspire and empower any audience.

Natalie’s previous engagements as a motivational speaker are many. She has also been featured in a number of media interviews and articles including Chatelaine magazine, Zoomer magazine, CBC television ‘The Goods’ and the Certified Coaches Federation Annual Conference.

If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your group, or event host, Natalie is available for any of the following:

  • Small to large groups including high school and post secondary institutions and youth groups
  • Corporate and small business (employee motivation)
  • Retreats and workshops
  • and more!

For more information or to book Natalie for your next event, contact her at 416-274-1992 or

Online Story Broadcasting

Natalie believes in not only sharing her own story, but created High Heal Diaries Online Story Broadcasting as an avenue for other people to share their own inspirational stories. This series of online videos enables guests to share their personal stories as a means to support and empower an even greater number of people. Visit our Interviews page to watch these inspirational videos and learn more.

If you, or someone you know, has a personal healing story to share, contact Natalie at 416-274-1992 or

Survivor Financial Support

Natalie feels blessed to call herself a survivor. And, she believes in sharing that blessing.  Not only through her role as a life coach and motivational speaker, and by sharing her story to empower others, but also with financial support initiatives for other survivors. Natalie organizes the annual ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’ fundraising walk to raise money for women undergoing breast cancer treatment. If they are suffering a slight financial hardship, Natalie’s program offers support with such things as utilities, medical expenses, transportation to treatment, children’s activities, care packages, or simply a day at the spa to take their mind off of what they are dealing with, even just for a day.

Download our brochure for more information, High Heal Diaries Financial Support

Beauty Services — Inside and Out

Natalie believes in beauty, inside and out. Complementing her life coach and motivational speaker career path, she still finds time to support people’s desire for outer beauty as well, providing makeup application and skincare services (on-site or in-studio) as well as wardrobe consultation (for special events or every day). For more information, contact Natalie at 416-274-1992 or

Click here to read Natalie’s blog on Steps to Your Emotional Wellness or download our High Heal Diaries Services brochure. High Heal Diaries Brochure

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“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― Mahatma Gandhi