Video Stories: Inspiring survivor stories of personal positivity, personal recovery and overcoming challenges

In addition to sharing her own story, in this intimate video series of inspiring survivor stories — all focussing on personal positivity, Natalie talks to other survivors about their personal recovery — both the grief and courage that helped them when they were overcoming challenges and recovering from trauma. Natalie created High Heal Diaries Online Story Broadcasting as an avenue for other people to share their personal recovery stories, with an emphasis on the courage that it took in recovering from trauma or grief.

Always with an emphasis on personal positivity, this series of inspiring survivor stories captured on video is a tribute to everyone overcoming challenges and recovering from trauma — whatever that may be. The videos provide insight into other people’s personal positivity and are meant to support and empower even more people in their own personal recovery.

After receiving her third cancer diagnosis in 2016, Natalie took a year off to refocus. She spent a lot of time talking to friends about her own difficult recovery and listening to stories from other survivors. She realized that in sharing her personal experience with grief, she felt better. And, the other people she talked to, also felt better after sharing their story. Natalie started to realize, if she could get through what she did and share about her experience, she could help other people do the same!

An idea was born and Natalie created High Heal Diaries Online Videos. Always emphasizing personal positivity, the videos provide encouragement for anyone experiencing their own difficulties. Guests openly share their personal grief and the courage and perseverance it took to find their road to recovery.

Join Natalie’s Show as she interviews women sharing their inspiring stories.

Feature Video: Natalie Wilson’s short biography as she speaks about her personal Journey to Acceptance – The Making of High Heal Diaries

Filmed in the High Heal Diaries studio, Natalie encourages her guests to share their personal journey of healing and recovery. Each story is told by a survivor, in their own words including their own grief and courage — and regardless of what set them on their own personal path to recovery — whether that was an illness, loss, or any other traumatic event in their life.

 In our video series, people open up and share their personal diaries. This alone takes courage. But, in keeping with High Heal Diaries’ motto, in doing so, they are “Inspiring Women, One Story at a Time.” Watch for yourself and be inspired.

Natalie is not just a survivor; she is a conqueror. Join us for a profound journey as we delve into the remarkable story of Natalie, a beacon of resilience and strength. Natalie’s narrative is not just evoking and inspiring, it’s a testament to the indomitable human spirit. She’s not just a survivor; she’s a conqueror.
In her own words, Natalie shares her extraordinary journey — a journey marked by three battles with cancer, each a testament to her unwavering determination and courage. But her story isn’t just about overcoming illness; it’s about embracing life in its fullest sense.
Loving Your Body Through Cancer

Click and listen is Natalie and Mary explore the physical and emotional challenges on the way to learning to love your body through cancer.

Natalie Wilson Podcast

Click to enjoy this passionate and emotional Podcast interview hosted by Makini Smith of ‘A Walk In My Stilettos.’

Get ready to be schooled by Natalie’s first male guest as he quite eloquently educates us on multiple topics as he maneuvered End Stage Renal Kidney Failure, near death, recovery, and now educating others. Mr. Dennis Pellington @dennispellington chats with Natalie on the topics of illness and perseverance, male vulnerability, unwavering love for family, strength in spirit, and the understanding that, without God, nothing is possible!

“When My Body Tried to Kill Me, But My Spirit Said ‘NO'”
(Dennis Pellington’s Story)

Natalie Wilson’s Story – My Candid Introduction.

Natalie on the Nikki Clarke radio talk show, broadcasted from New York City.

Ms. Taffe, Natalie’s mother tells an inspirational story of her trials, tribulations and strength.

Georgia McLaughlin speaks to Natalie about her life with Crohn’s disease.

Pauline Chandar’s Story — My Unwanted Visitor (Fibroids)

Question of the Day: Should Women Share Their Personal Stories of Struggle?

The Nikki Clarke Show with Natalie Wilson

Natalie uncovers why, ‘Gastric Bypass Surgery’ was necessary for Lisa Carrington

Certified Coaches Federation 2017 Annual Conference, ‘Overcoming Adversity’

Chantelle Quow discusses, ‘How Chasing Her Dreams Nearly Killed Her’

‘How To Wear A Breast Prosthetic With Sexy Swimwear.’ A must watch for anyone who wears a breast prosthetic.

Diana Murdock’s Story, ‘In Preparation For My Breast Cancer Journey’

Vanie Coonjah-Robins’ Story, ‘You Can’t Strip Away My Dignity’

Michelle Francis’ Story, ‘Chronic Pain Turned Into Purpose’

Natalie’s Surgical Diaries (Breast Cancer)

High Heal Diaries: Diana Henry’s Story, ‘Finding the Beauty In You’

Tracey Thomas’ Story, ‘Standing Tall Through Life and Death’

Self Care Series Part 1:
Loving Yourself Mind, Body and Soul

High Heal Diaries Self Care Series Part 2: Your Body and Intimacy — Falling in Love Again

National Cancer Survivor’s Day 2020 — Natalie Wilson’s Interview with After Breast Cancer

An Impossible Choice – Annie Luu’s Story

Brittany Passion of SwagHer Magazine, “Not just another pretty face” series.

Natalie on the Unapologetically Her Podcast as she shares a wealth of information for women of all ages, and for those going through personal struggle or illness.

Jennifer Kennedy’s story, “His Gift of Autism.” 

Natalie and Tracy Milgram-Posner from BRCAStrong on IG Live as they discuss,  ‘Empowering Women To Find Their Voice.”

On May 8, 2021, we globally raise our voices in solidarity to fight against ovarian cancer. Click the YouTube link icon to view.

Natalie Wilson Lends Her Voice to Primetown2021 for Young Adult Cancer Canada.

Beauty and Business Interview. A podcast for motivation, inspiration, business tips, shared stories from female entrepreneurs.

Desiree Spencer’s Story: Buxom to Breastless, A Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Decision.
Desiree Spencer’s Story, The Reconstruction Dilemma (A Breast Cancer Awareness Month Special Edition).
“Olympian, Cheryl Pounder, introduces the book BEAUTIFUL BODY, UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT on CP24 Breaking News to kick off breast cancer awareness month.” Natalie is pleased to be a part of this fine art photography book by Tash Damjanovic.

Natalie continues on her transparency journey with Alkan Emin of @alkaneminphotography and his bio feature on the topic of Scars with @60Secdocs.

Turning My Pain Into Purpose – Nadine Spencer’s Story

Natalie visits Pizza in the Breakroom

Natalie speaks on a CBC News Report  (Oct 12, 2022) on the Ontario Medical Association’s concern about the nearly half a million fewer mammograms performed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We Are Limitless! Natalie Wilson, a warrior who beat breast cancer three times!

What is 3D Tattooing and how is it done?

“When My Body Tried to Kill Me, But My Spirit Said ‘NO'”
(Dennis Pellington’s Story)

If you, or someone you know, has a personal healing story to share, contact Natalie at 416-274-1992 or She’d love to hear your story of courage and recovery, as would everyone else following the High Heal Diaries video series!

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"Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don't think you've lost time. There is no short-cutting to life. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time." – Asha Tyson