Natalie Wilson

Get candid with Natalie Wilson!

Natalie Wilson, creator of High Heal Diaries, mother of three, wife, businesswoman, and a three-time breast cancer survivor.

Natalie has created High Heal Diaries where women that are going through or have gone through their own personal struggles, whether it’s emotional or physical, can share their stories (diaries) with other women in a non-judgmental, unbiased forum, where understanding through experience is their main crutch, and their motive is to listen and support others as others have done for them.

“I wouldn’t be doing the things I’m doing now had I not had cancer. It’s sad that this had to happen, but sometimes these are the kind of things that have to happen before people realize that they need to change things up a little bit.

If you have a cancer or struggle that you feel like you can’t make it out of, you need to be able to say, ‘If tomorrow, I’m taken away, at least I can say that the life I lived was happy and I did things right.’ The life you’re living right now, make the most of it.”

Quote sourced from The Patient Story on January 2020.


You are cordially invited you to scroll through a few candid momories with Natalie. Be sure to visit Natalie’s Facebook and Instagram pages for additional photos.

High Heal Diaries – A Night to Remember

Twas’ surly a ‘night to remember’ at Bella Notte, Brooklin with these beautiful, empowering, spiritually strong women. Thank you for your candor and for being so transparent with your most personal of experiences during this #breastcancer and other journeys. Be it an old or new diagnosis, we all learned something from one another. Wihing you all much love and strength to all. We all gained some genuine friendships. (December 2019)

Walk a Mile in My Shoes – Support Women, One Step at a Time!

Welcome to our 2nd Annual High Heal Diaries “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” event held in Ajax, Ontario in celebration of all women as we walk through our daily lives with strength, courage and perseverance. The significance of wearing high heels as we walk is to show that even if we feel pain or uneasiness, or how much our circumstances may try to bring us down, we still keep walking with our heads held high only until we decide it is time to stop. A portion of the proceeds will go to High Heal Diaries’ cause to support women going through breast cancer treatment; providing financial assistance with groceries, bills, children’s activities, medical expenses, or a day at the spa. (August 2019)

'Let's talk' by After Breast Cancer's Ambassador, Natalie Wilson

In honour of the amazing After Breast Cancer Ambassadors, we decided to ask some important questions so that we can share their experiences to help others. Ambassador Natalie Wilson shares photos from the photoshoot for the S|He Event. (July 2017)

The Nikki Clarke Show – Conversations that Matter.

Natalie was invited to be a special guest on the Nikki Clarke’s Canadian talk show. Nikki is a mulit-award-winning host, producer, educator and author. She is an active community activist, pastor and international motivational speaker who compels audiences with her eloquence, humour and sharp wit. (June 2017)

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"Dance on broken glass, build castles with shattered dreams and wear your tears like precious pearls. Proud. Strong. Unshakable." – Anita Krizzan