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Natalie, I just remembered now that you had sent this to me to read. It is truly amazing what some people have had to go thorough in life. You never think that you would know someone like this, let alone be that individual yourself. As I was reading this, tears filled my eyes. One can only imagine what this must have been like for you, your family and your friends. It’s amazing the strength that we as women find in ourselves when there is no other option, but to keep up with life and everything that it has to throw at us – you are an amazing woman, mother, wife, friend, sibling and daughter. You carry yourself with such grace and class. When you walk into a room, the room lights up; you continue to carry yourself with dignity and respect, despite what obstacles stand in your way. There are always those that will not be supportive, that will be critical, and those that will continue to love you unconditionally. Those individuals are your husband and your children, and in life that is all that matters. You are an inspiration to many of us out there as we deal with our own struggles in our lives. Continue to remain positive and optimistic and things will get better in time. You are a beautiful person both inside and out, and women such as yourself are hard to find. Love yourself always and forever.

– Kristina

You are simply amazing. There are so many of us in hiding, hiding in the shame of what society tells us what we should look like. To nearly be the perfection of an altered beautified photo. We have become pretty to what others think is pretty — our ass, lips and breasts. A breast cancer survivor has beauty, strength and resilience you can no get anywhere else. This woman, hear her roar. Thank you so much for showing us the way. You are simply amazing.
– Tamela
Your strength is beautiful and inspiring! You encourage women all around the world to be confident, even with their scars. You once came to my high school and spoke with the students during Black History Month. I thank you for inspiring me, giving me the confidence to be more like myself and not be discouraged because of the battles I have had to face.
– J. Boudreault
It was really nice to see you again, your story really touched me and it reminded me to stay positive and that there is always hope. Seeing God work with you enlighten me. I hope to meet you again after your operation, and catch up on the years we missed. We keep you in our prayers.
– Nancy
Making progress....thank you! Thinking back a year ago when I first emailed/spoke with you. You definitely helped that broken woman in me to heal my core and heart. All while going through your own stuff. I am forever thankful.
– Anonymous
“Your story is POWERFUL. You are the epitome of strength! You have overcome. Your strength and faith will be an example for others! May healing continue to be your portion.”
– Rodale DW
It never fails to amaze me that the messages you need, always seem to come at the perfect time. I needed this today, thank you. I love your account. You are absolutely stunning and your message of female empowerment is so important.
– Kim W.
You're my inspiration, mom. Knowing what you do makes me know I can do anything. I love you!
– Morgan
And to you, superwoman! You are a warrior example for the rest of us.
– Tammy
You're the bravest, most beautiful, smartest, strongest and sexiest woman I've ever been blessed to meet. Your family is so fortunate to have such a giant as you fighting for them. Your children will be strong, empathic and fearless. These are the things you taught them, myself, and others. You are nothing short of amazing. I love you.
– Georgia
"Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I want you to know if you didn't tell me, I would have never known. It is a shame we are all so close in proximity, yet so far apart. Hearing your struggles has personally helped me heal. I am getting a mammogram and want you to know I love and support you.
– Charoltte
You are such an inspiration my friend. You exhibit an abundance of faith, courage and strength when times are tough and you have persevered. I will continue to pray for you.
– Kurt
Natalie, it's an honour to have you in my circle. Your strength is empowering and an inspiration. Keep up the great work.
– Sharon
This is the story of my beautiful friend Natalie Wilson who had been battling breast cancer for many years. She epitomizes strength and beauty in the face of adversity, and her testimony illustrates the power of love and perseverance. God bless you Natalie as you share your message with the world.
– Karen
What a journey you have been on. Your story hits home for so many women. This next chapter in your life will help you and so many others with their journey through this devastating experience. You are truly blessed with a wonderful family that loves you very much.
– Kristina
Thank you for being a great role model and woman in my life! You have no idea how much it means to me! I will be strong and work on it daily. I can't loose myself again just have to fight through it! Thank you.
– Kayla
The beauty you possess is truly a blessing. The amazing thing about it is, this beauty of yours is not only cosmetic, it's a well blended combination of ones inner being, 'mind, body and soul.' You carry it so well.
– Anonymous
Thank you for developing High Heal Diaries and making a way for women to share their experiences and be an encouragement to others going through 'stuff.' I saw the post with your scar and I was overwhelmed with emotions as it brought me back to when I had my first surgery. 'Real scars are more admirable than fake perfections' — I love that quote!
– Anonymous
I would like to sincerely thank you for today. This initial consult was supposed to be 1-1/2 hrs and it turned out to be 3 hrs! Thank you for listening — thank you so very much. You are an incredible woman and I don’t know what it is just yet but I’ve never opened up and shared as much as I did with anyone so quickly. Thank you for that gift. I’m so glad I finally built-up the guts to reach out to you. You are a true blessing!! Thank you, hun.
– Barb
This is my strong, courageous, yet stubborn little sister that will fight to the end and not give up. She is a great inspiration to the whole family and everyone she meets. I love you, sis."
– Edward
Dear Natalie, I have known you for seven years. You are such a beautiful girl inside out. You are so strong, and I adore your personality. I know it's hard for you. Please be strong and know that God is taking care of us. My prayers are with you always. You are strong — have faith in God.
– Shaheen
Thank you again for everything you have done to help me get to where I’m at right now. My work isn’t done and you will continue to see ongoing changes and improvements and it's thanks to you. As I said, I adore you and have an incredible amount of respect and I take everything you have ever said to me and truly process and do my best to put it into action. With all that being said I realize as you said you do this to help as many woman as you can and on behalf of all those woman I thank you. Thank you again, Natalie.
– Barb
All I can say is that it is your eyes only that can see the scars. Me, I see the most elegant, sexy, funny, smart, sassy, hot-like-fire, strong-like-a-rock woman. A scar is like a tattoo — it's part of who you are. From where I stand, I only see someone that I aspire to be like in so many ways. I can only dream when I look at you. Don't make your head hurt. Close your eyes and let God show you.
– Diana
You are a warrior, big sister. You are an inspiration to me everyday. I am so happy and proud to have such an amazing, strong and caring person in my family. You can do this. Much love to you!
– Nadean
That was great, Natalie. Thanks for sharing it with me. Here is to your strength and perseverance. You are definitely a role model for your girls and your friends.
– Afiya
Thank you so much for having my mother as one of your honoured guests. Thank you for creating such a regarding opportunity and experience for these women. You are a beautiful reminder that we all have a responsibility to think about the impact we make. You've embraced your experience eloquently and are inspiring others to do the same. You've made my mother feel amazing, sharing your story helped her resonate with so many experience she had, your honesty and transparency really made her feel comfortable and she came home feeling great. God reward you abundantly and keep you as strong and courageous as you are. You're a blessing to this world. Thanks again.​
– Anonymous
You need to know, and I'm sure you've been told many times, that you are a stunning, intelligent, woman who amazes me with every conversation we have. You are beautiful, both intellectually and emotionally, all that starts from the inside. I haven’t even started talking about the outside. I'm honoured to know you, as you represent all that is good in a human being. Everything on the outside is just a shell that can be dressed and changed. It's the inside that makes the impact on people and makes you who you are. Anyone judging by the outside is not anyone that should mean anything to you. You need to make decisions that are right for you and you alone. You have my support in everything you do and I want to be there to help in any way you feel I can.
– Mariella
Natalie, thank you for having the courage to share your story. Your videos have helped me tremendously over the last six months. Thank you. Sending you 'love and high heals' beautiful sista!
– IG Friend
As I was looking through your page I was thinking to myself, 'wow, someone who actually understands and gets it.' Having a cancer diagnosis, balancing the physical and emotional aspects, balancing family life, kids, etc.
– Anonymous
When my wings were broken you wrapped me in yours, allowing me the opportunity to soar once more. When I couldn't expand my lungs you breathed life back into me. Never once thinking of yourself always selfishly of me. When my back was unstable and my feet could no longer hold me up. You took me by the hand and proceeded to pick me up. You love me without judgment, expectations, or fear. You're the definition of unconditional love and I hold you dear.
I have to admit that I haven't really had the time to watch all of your videos but from what I saw I know that you have been 'real' about your own experience. Please know that is appreciated! We as women go through these experiences and we survive and do what we have to do to move on with our family and other life responsibilities but we often do it in silence. People really don't know what we have to do internally/emotionally to make it through. I guess that is our strength and what makes us survivors!
– Anonymous
Continue to be a blessing and encouragement to others. I pray that God will strengthen you and guide you as you continue on your journey.
Scars are a testament to your strength Nat. They show the world that you are still standing amongst them all. Wear them with pride. You are a true warrior queen.
– Sharon
What A Love (a powerful poem written about Natalie). Do you truly know what true love is or even what it feels like? The kind of love that will make you become the villain in order for someone to the learn the ways of a hero? The kind of love that wears huge feet in order to stomp out ones worldly ego. A love that volunteers all of its carefree and blissful days, to knowingly choose the most turbulent terrain? A love willing to forfeit all of the sunrises and forcefully learn to dance in the rain? A love that would learn to illuminate the dark allowing one to dance in the sun? A love that would carry all of the chores allowing you the fun? A love that would build all its houses on the land, in order for you to enjoy the deep blue sea. A love that would take the weary storms to allow you to radiate and roam in the breeze? A love that would cut off its wings never to soar again, just to see you smile as you float in the wind?
– Janee
And, here’s how you know you are helping many with what you do. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing the life coaching and it was cause I needed and wanted it for myself with no outside influences, questions, etc. My husband has made comments since and now knows. My sister has said I look good every time she sees me and has said, 'there’s something different about you but I don’t know what exactly.” A long story short, you came into my life when I needed it most. You have lit that flame in my heart again and I feel great (mind-wise) and it’s showing. I also like to think I’ve made a friend cause you’re pretty darn awesome woman!
– Barb
It was such a pleasure to meet you, thank you for taking the time out to visit me the flowers and the gift made my day. Even through the rain and the storms of life God always sends the rainbow! May God continue to bless you as you pour into others he will continue to fill you up.
– Marlene
Thank you so much for your kind reply and information. This is a wonderful program and I will be sure to share it with my colleagues and patients. Thank you for your good work in the world,
– Jess

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