Message from Above

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Some of you may or may not know that I am a licensed paralegal, and a manager of operations at a legal firm. As I arrived to work on Monday morning, I saw the belongings of a homeless person scattered within a little nook close to our back staircase, by the parking lot. This person had laid […]

Steps To Your Emotional Wellness

Natalie Wilson Wellness

As a Certified Coach Practitioner under the Certified Coaches Federation™, I use methods called Cognitive Reflex Conditioning® to help my clients program their thought patterns, moods, and beliefs to become congruent with their intentions in order to create more flow, more consistency, and more results! Cognitive Conditioning – “A process in which a stimulus is […]

Imperfectly Perfect Is My Mould

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Being a three-time breast cancer survivor does not define me.  I am a thriver, making steady progress as I rise and fall, and rise again. I’ve been tested more than once, and in more ways than one: physically, psychologically, and spiritually, each time rising from the ashes like a phoenix. Death I have seen and cheated, […]